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We gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors and partners for their generous support of the Collingwood Summer Music Festival’s 2019 season:

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little labels kids stuff
Hughes loved again clothing consignment
Blue Mountain Vacuum Centre
The Hive
Patricia Di Marcantonio
Ursula Gruber
Joan Walters
Robert Gasidlo
Bruce & Paulette West
Rosanne Falvey
Wendy Bannerman-Clark
Gaylanne Phelan
Marilyn Knowles
Danielle Belec
Alan Eagleson
Prasad Family Foundation
Dr. James McGillivray
Thomas Vincent
George Weider
Janice Ferri
Mandy Macrae
Susan King
Joan Farano
Joan Walters
Danielle van Zeyl
Paul & Marg Bridgman
Robert Missen
Liesbeth Halbertsma
Julie Christopher-Deaville
Paul & Marg Bridgman
Anne Fletcher
Barbara Wnukowski
James Saunders
Olivia Saunders
Julie Deaville
Ilian Halbertsma
Renata Mika
Hillary Burke
Laura Timlock
Johan Valdez
Alaaddin Ibrahim
Issa Issa
Ethan Sanders
Moses Znaimer
Jeff Shearer
Janet Lees
Bill Anderson
Susan Holden
Ina Smith
Sandie Bandura
Wendy Bannerman-Clark
Mila Filatova
Eswar Prasad
Gil Ralston
Dale Gibson
Mary-Beth Hanley
Keith Barron
Michael Sawarna
Sue Bragg
Brenda Lewis
Dr. Milan Somborac
Patti Kendall
Victoria Ciampachini
Anthony Thompson
Niru Somayajula
Darryl Murray
Jack Courtemanche
Renee Anderson
Ryan McQaurie
Braeden Neil
Connor Girdwood
Stuart Calvert
Sue Huff
Joan Emmans
Geoffrey Belisle
Mary Clark
The New Classical FM 102.9
On The Bay Magazine
Wholenote - David Perlman
A Web of Fine Music - Mike Saunders
Canadian Daily / Georgian Bay News - John Malloy
Toronto Star - William Littler
CollingwoodToday.ca - Erika Engel
Grey Bruce Mosaic
BroadwayWorld Toronto
Coffee News

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